Human Machine Interface – Magelis XBT GT

    Magelis XBT GT Small but widely spoken about…

    Simply Smart benefits Developed under the auspicious “Transparent Ready” banner, the leading star of the Telemecanique Magelis XBT G range shows real communication talent. Open, it integrates Ethernet and can be simultaneously connected on Uni-Telway/Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP. Smart, it offers many advanced functions in a compact unit.


  • Industry: compact machines (conveyors, food & beverage machines,…)
  • Compact and matrix terminals

    Infrastructure & building automation:

  • Industry: compact machines (conveyors, food & beverage machines,…)
  • Graphic terminals with 3.8” touch screen

    Range description

  • A high visibility, electroluminescent quality screen
  • 320 X 240 pixel QVGA resolution
  • 8 gray levels, 2 colors : amber or red
  • 6 function keys
  • A buzzer to indicate acknowledgement of operator commands and a LED to display the status of the terminal
  • Alarm function with fault logging for better traceability
  • Trend curve and recipe management and data processing
  • Multiple windows with pop up
  • The renowned Magelis spring clips for quick mounting
  • LED backlit
  • More compact size to save space and do away with wiring.
  • Multilingual applications (up to 10 languages).
  • Incorporation of numerous fonts (Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, to name but a few).
  • Ethernet Embedded
  • Flexibility of communication: Uni-Telway/Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP
  • Only One Software Entire Range