Lab Bench – Lab Con510

    CyberScan CON 510

    Bench top models offer high precision and stability for years of reliable performance. The CON510 is an affordable meter for accurate and consistent measurement of conductivity in the laboratory.

  • High performance economy bench meter
  • Selectable cell constant
  • Custom dual display LCD
  • Available with built-in electrode stand
  • Up to 5 point push button calibration
  • Auto-ranging across 5 ranges
  • User-customization
  • Expanded memory of up to 50 data sets
  • Other features include: Hold Function, Self Diagnostic Messages,Ready’ Indicator, Selectable ATC/MTC, Quick Reference Slide Out Instruction Card
  • Applications

    Routine Testing

  • For quick, accurate conductivity or TDS checks in laboratories, field and schools.
  • Industrial

  • For checking metal finishing, solutions, cooling tower water, printing fountain solutions, boiler water, brines, drilling mud, rinse tanks, ponds, pollution control, re-circulating systems, waste water and industrial process systems.
  • Water Quality Testing

  • For analyzing hard water, untreated water, drinking water, effluent water, pool water and incoming process water. Ideal for all types of quality assurance and water quality testing.
  • Dual-display Quick Reference Slide-out Instriation Card