MB Connect Line GmbH

As a technology leader, MB Connect Line GmbH sets the pace in industrial data communication and remote maintenance of machines and equipment via the Internet.We consistently focus on transforming the technically feasible into practical and economical solutions, so that you as user have the optimum benefit.

MB Connect Line GmbH offers universal solutions for worldwide remote maintenance of machines and equipment.The company was founded in 1997 by Warner Belle and Siegfried Muller,and it set value on “Made in Germany” from the beginning. The Head Office including sales,export and administration is located in Ilsfeld. The Technical Center With Development and production is located in Dinkelsbuhl.

The classics of our product range are the mbNET industrial routers, which are already available in the second generation. The Devices are equipped with an integrated 4-port switch. S7 control systems can be connected directly via the MPI/Profibus interface. Furthermore, over 90 different drivers are available for serial access to control systems, operator panels,frequency converters and drives from different manufacturers.
  • Remote maintenance

    Reliable connection of machines and equipment via the internet:

  • Data logging

    Professional analyzing
    monitoring via the internet.

    1.Alarm Function
    2.Web Visualization
    3.Freely Programmable

  • Data backup & virus detection

    Security solution for detection of malware on S7 control systems:
    1.Permanent Backup
    2.Alarm Function
    3.Simple Restoration

  • Remote service platform

    mbCONNECT24 offers you central management of all users, lines and end devices…
    1.Central Web Portal
    2.Individual Service Portal On Site Is Possible
    3.Almost Unlimited Scalability