Model GTDJ – pH / ORP Electrode

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    For use in process applications including fermentation, cell culture, chromatography, filtration, buffer preparation, food and beverage processing.

    Steam sterilizable pH / ORP electrode with double chamber gel filled reference system.

    Gel filled electrolyte delivers high performance and low maintenance

  • Advanced reference configuration featuring patented Teflon® junctions prevents drift and fouling
  • Internal compensators for use in processes with fluctuating pressure and temperature
  • Durable 0-14 pH sensitive glass can withstand CIP treatment and SIP temperatures up to 135°C (275°F)
  • Integrated temperature sensor option available
  • 12mm design allows for installation in fixed or retractable housings
  • NEMA 6 rated detachable cable system provides the convenience of a quick connect with the reliability of a fixed cable.
  • Specifications

  • Measurement range pH: 0 – 14 ORP: -1500 to + 1500mV
  • Maximum measurement error pH : ±0.05 ORP : ±3mV
  • Pressure range 0 to 34.4bar (0 to 500psig) @25°C
  • Temperature range – 5 to 135°C (23 to 275°F)
  • Minimum conductivity 10 µS/cm
  • Electrolyte Saturated KCl / AgCl (rear chamber) KCl / AgCl-free (front chamber)
  • Response time(@25oC/77oF) 95% of reading in 10 sec.
    1. NEMA 6 waterproof connector
    2. PG13.5 mounting threads
    3. Ag/AgCl reference element
    4. Salt rings
    5. Teflon diaphragm
    6. pH membrane glass

    select from below for complete order code

    GTDJ     2 ESA
        Electrode Type
      0 ORP Electrode
      1 pH with No Temperature Element
      2 pH Combination Electrode with Pt100 Temperature Element
      3 pH Combination Electrode with Pt1000 Temperature Element
          Measuring Element
        PB Platinum Band Electrode (ORP)
        BA 0 – 14pH, -5 to 135°C, Sterilizable (pH)


    Shielded pH Cable with NEMA 6 Waterproof Connector, Stripped and Tinned Ends
    OPK9-NPA1A 1.5 Meter
    OPK9-NQA1A 3 Meter
    OPK9-NAA1A 5 Meter
    OPK9-NBA1A 10 Meter
    OPK9-NCA1A 15 Meter
    OPK9-NDA1A 20 Meter
    Shielded pH Cable with NEMA 6 Waterproof Connector, BNC and Tinned Ends
    OPK9B-NPA1A 1.5 Meter
    OPK9B-NQA1A 3 Meter
    OPK9B-NAA1A 5 Meter
    OPK9B-NBA1A 10 Meter
    OPK9B-NCA1A 15 Meter
    OPK9B-NDA1A 20 Meter
    Calibration Solutions
    OPY21 NIST Traceable pH Calibration Solution, pH 4.00, 1000ml
    OPY23 NIST Traceable pH Calibration Solution, pH 7.00, 1000ml
    OPY30 NIST Traceable ORP Calibration Solution, Value: +220mV @ pH 7.00, 1000ml
    OPY31 NIST Traceable ORP Calibration Solution, Value: +468 @ pH 7.00, 1000ml
    Installation Housings
    OPA442, 640 Fixed Housing
    B60x In-line Hygienic
    OPA475 Hygienic Retractable
    OPA450,471,472,473 Industrial Retractable
    OPA111 Industrial Submersible