Online Process – PH MONITOR Field

    Field Monitors for pH and ORP

  • Microprocessor Based
  • Non-stop 24-hr Monitoring
  • Push Button Calibration
  • Bright LED Display
  • ±0.1 Ph Accuracy
  • Up To 3-Point Calibration
  • Automatic Buffer, Recognition (pH)
  • ±5 mV ORP Accuracy
  • Eutech’s 24-hrpH and ORP monitors are equipped with an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The ASIC Provides a high leval of Sophistion with advanced features, and yet maintains a usre-friendly interface. These value-for -money pH and ORP monitors meet the require-ments for continuous pH and ORP monitoring.

  • PUSH-BUTTON CALIBRATION Calibration is screwdriver free, quick and easy, Automatic pH butter recognition mini-mazes calibration error if incorrect are used, pH 7 buffer tablets (to be dissolved in distilled walker) are provide for our-point calibration. 3-poinl push bullion calibration al buffer Values of 4, 7 and to a known standard is done using increment/decrement keys- Offset adjustment up to ±150 mV is possible.
  • SPLASH-PROOF KEYPAD Keypads are splash-proof and designed for easy finger touch operation. Tangible feed-back confirms key selection – frees you form guesswork.
  • RUGGED EPOXY BODY ELECTRODES Unlike conventional electrodes, these rugged epoxy body electrodes have a polymer gel which is non-degradable and resistant to bacchanal and fungal attack. In addition, the double-junction electrodes have the reference element isolated within a second chamber, minimizing conta-mination,making it lancer lasting than most electrodes.
  • POWER SUPPLY The pH & ORP monitors operate on 220 VAC / 110 VAC input (select suitable power adapter).
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN The monitor is lightweight and designed to hang easily on any flat surface like a wail, glass tank, on a container, almost anywhere, The bright LED ensures reading can be seen from a distance even in the dark. A polymer float is provided as standard accessory to make electrode-installation easy.
  • APPLICATION Perfectly ideal for any situation where 24-hour monitoring is necessary. It can be used in ● aquariums ● fish farms ● shrimp farms ● swimming pools ● agriculture ● hydroponics ● drinking water ● aeroponics and other simple processes,
  • WARRANTY Eutech Instruments warrants its products free form manufacturing defects. Refer to warranty card supplied with meter for more details,