PLC – Modicon Momentum

    Modicon Momentum Flexible distributed I/O and control

    Simply Smart benefits Momentum is a flexible, modular family of fundamental components that easily snap together and can be configured for a wide range of distributed I/O and control applications


  • Industry: material handling, simple machine control.
  • Infrastructures and energy: RTU, building automation.
  • Control and distributed I/O system with 4 fundamental components that easily snap together in various combinations to form versatile control systems or sub-systems

    Range description

    With the new Premium processors in the Unity range, there is no need to worry about restrictions…

  • IP 20 monoblock I/O bases : Provide the foundation for the rest of the Momentum control system and serve as the mounting base for communication adapters, processors or option adapters. > 30 I/O module types available : analog, discrete, multi-function …
  • Processor adapters: Operate with a single local I/O module, or in systems with up to 128 modules servicing 8192 I/O points. Built-in distributed I/O communication port, Modbus TCP/IP-Ethernet or Modbus RS232 serial communication, and embedded web pages.
  • Option adapters: Provide additional networking capabilities to the processors, as well as a time-of-day clock and battery back up.
  • Communication adapters: Snap onto any of the I/O modules, including Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus Plus, FIPIO, INTERBUS, Profibus DP, and DeviceNet.
  • Development and programming tool Concept Windows based programming software ProWORX