PLC – Twido – TWO

    flexibility to simplify machine control

    Simply Smart benefits Twido compact and modular versions both share the same options, I/O expansions and programming software, thus providing improved simplicity and flexibility.


  • Simple stand-alone installations: lighting management, heating and air conditioning, access control and control/monitoring etc
  • Repetitive compact machines: conveyors, lifts, vending machines, etc
  • Programmable controller for standard applications from 10 to 100 I/O (maximum 252 I/O)

    Range description

  • 2 types of base: compact with 10,16 or 24 I/O and modular with 20 or 40 I/O
  • I/O extension modules: 14 discrete modules and 4 analog modules
  • Diversity of connection modes: screw terminal blocks, pre-wiring solution (HE10 connector, Fast Twido), spring terminal, remote I/O solutions, AS-interface master solution
  • Adaptability offered by options: more capacity (memory, real-time clock), more communication (serial link), more adjustment (display unit)
  • Functions: fast counters, pulse outputs, 1 multiprotocol RS 485 port: Master/slave Modbus, ASCII, fast event processing, numerous types of data (words, double words, floating point arithmetic), up to 14 PID loops, etc
  • Modular Twido Soft V2.0 version software Compact version