Programmable Controller – TTM-339

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  • Program Controller Specifications A liquid crystal display program controller with maximum of 15 patterns and 99 steps.
  • Full Multiple Inputs The multiple inputs of Thermocouple (13 types)
    • RTD (2 types)
    • Voltage (5 types)
    • Current (1 type) input
  • Utilizes a liquid crystal display
    • The indication range has been extended to 5 digits
    • Realized the various indication with 7 segments
    • Adopted LED for the back light
  • Backup and Initialization for the Setting Value.
  • Compact Size A compact sized body with depth of only 65mm. In addition, the protrusion of the front panel is only 2mm when TTM-339 is mounted.
  • Loader communication function It is best for the set up work of a complicated parameter peculiar to the program controller.
    • Cable : Option (sold separately)
    • Software : Option (free) … it can be downloaded from our website (Under development).
  • Blind function The system can be configured so that only the selected parameters are displayed from the set of parameters.
  • Manual control A manual output function enables application of various instrumentation systems.
  • Communication function (RS485: TOHO exclusive protocol / MODBUS) The cable can be extended up to the length of 500m, and can connect up to 31 units simultaneously. With one host computer, a centralized control such as “The collection of all data” and “Change of respective setting value” are possible from a distance place.