Servo Drives ( Amplifiers ) – Sigma FSP

    The FSP Sigma is an expansion of the Sigma II Series servo system. FSP stands for Flexible ServoPack and is built on the proven Sigma II SGDH amplifier power platform. This amplifier provides built-in position control for simple indexing applications, electronic gearing, and cam profile following, in addition to the standard analog and pulse input of the Sigma II Series. The FSP positioning mode employs Yaskawa’s latest generation of real-time adaptive tuning, which dramatically reduces following error and settling time. FlexWorks, the FSP setup software, features single-button auto-tuning, digital oscilloscope, FFT mechanical analysis, and wizard set-up for amplifier mode, units, and I/O. Yaskawa serial encoder feedback is standard providing customers with automatic motor recognition for combinations with all Sigma II rotary and linear servomotors. An optional model provides the capability to drive non-Yaskawa servomotors with industry standard A-B quadrature feedback. For further information on non-Yaskawa motors supported by Yaskawa, see the Special Purpose Motor Program.