Software & Allied Services

    System Solutions
  • Presenting the customized system control and data acquisition solution.
  • Centralized (lan) or independent computer supported communication, for Toho – Japan make (TTM 000 srs., TTM 300 srs.) Temperature and process controllers via advanced serial or Ethernet based systems.
  • More then 25 satisfied installation thru out the India (south and western India’s private corporates).
  • Automobile- ancillary, pharma, plastics, pipes, tyre and tube, al. Wire drawing, man made fiber, medical cold storage, etc (ethylene trioxide sterilization chambers), etc…..
  • Complete shop & shift management, operator level and supervisor security management. Machine wise/batch wise analysis.
  • Alarm on sms or e-mail.
  • Web server possible, one can view the total plant from any where in the world.
  • User’s friendly interface and effective data management. Date and time stamped, history and other useful data for future reference and analysis.
  • Various customized report formats (like graphical, circular or strip charts, log reports).
  • Semi automation control using TTM 000 sr’s. Alarm, di, timer, and many more control parameters (strictly as per the model and application’s).
  • Applications
  • Temperature / humidity control and data acquisition for pharmaceutical application in medicine stability chambers.
  • Hydro test for heavy spun pipe manufacturer used for oil, gas and water supply systems. (pressure monitoring and control)
  • Welding parameter monitoring for heavy spun pipe manufacturer (dc current, dc voltage, ac current, ac voltage, rpm)
  • In furnace application for various types of furnaces and multi zone control automation.
  • Wobble test system for vehicle’s tyre manufacturer. (state of the art most economical and very power full solution)
  • Time domain profile control of specialized furnace application for research and advanced study. (vacuum furnaces, brake lining baking chambers, ultra low temp. Application -55oC.
  • Temperature bath control and report generation for sensors calibration application.
  • Tablet machine automation.
  • Chips conveying automation for POY/PFY plant.
  • Production data. (for statistical performance of shop floor, per machine productivity analysis)
  • ETO sterilization data logging and control.
  • Screen View Screen
    A tabular display showing all controller with live pv, sv, op1%, time per sv, diff. Status colour, etc…. This very user friendly and very effective way of control, one can change parameter sv/op1%,al1 etc right on screen. Security rights for authentication to change is possible like operator / supervisor / manager etc…