Pressure Transmitter

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High Performance type Pressure Sensor

  • 0-7 bar to 0-2,200 bar ranges (0–100 psi to 0-30,000 psi)
  • High Proof Pressures
  • Broad Choice of Outputs
  • RoHS Compliant

For OEMs that need consistent high levels of performance, reliability and stability the 31/3200 Series sputtered thin film units offer an unbeatable price performance ratio in a small package size. They feature all-stainless steel wetted parts, a broad selection of electrical and pressure connections, and a wide choice of electrical outputs. Our manufacturing process includes the latest automated equipment, producing consistent sensor performance.

Additionally the 3200 Series transmitters feature a thicker diaphragm and a pressure restrictor to withstand the rigors of cavitations or extreme pressure spikes, delivering years of reliable and stable performance in pulsating applications.

The compact construction of both these series makes them ideal for installation where space is at a premium.


Performance Long Term Drift 0.2% FS/YR (non-cumulative)
Accuracy 0.25% FS
Thermal Error 3100 ±1.5% max, ±1% typical / 100°C (212°F)
3200 ±2% FS / 100°C (212°F)
Compensated Temperatures -40°C to +120°C (-40°F to +250°F)
Operating Temperatures -40°C to +120°C (-40°F to +250°F)
Zero Tolerance ±0.5% of span
Span Tolerance ±0.5% of span
Fatigue Life Designed for more than 100 M cycles
Mechanical Configuration Pressure Port See under “How to Order,” last page
Wetted Parts 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Electrical Connection See under “How to Order,” last page
Enclosure IP67 (IP65 for electrical codes B, R and G)
Vibration BSEN 60068-2-6 (FC) Sine (20G)
BSEN 60068-2-64 (FH) Random (14.1 Grms)
Shock BSEN 60068-2-27 (Ea) (50G, 11ms)
Approvals CE
Weight 50-150 grams (1.8 to 5.3 ounces). Configuration dependant

EMC Specifications

Emissions Tests: EN61326-1:2006 and EN61326-2-3:2006
EN55016-2-3:2006 Radiated Emissions: 30-230MHz 30dB μV/M @10M
230-1000MHz 37dB μV/M @10M
Immunity Tests: EN61326-1:2006 and EN61326-2-3:2006
EN61000-4-2:1995 Electrostatic Discharge: ±4Kv contact
±8Kv air
EN61000-4-3:2006 Radiated Immunity: 100V/M 80-1000MHz
EN61000-4-4:2004 Fast Transients: ±4Kv
EN61000-4-6:2007 Conducted Immunity: 10V 0.15 to 80MHz 80% 1 Khz modulation

Individual Specifications

Voltage Output (3-wire) 0 V min. to 10 V max.
See under “How to Order,” last page
Supply Voltage 1 Volt above full scale to 30 Vdc max @ 4.5 mA
Source and Sinks 2 mA
Current Output (2-wire) 4-20 mA
Supply Voltage 8-24 Volts measured at the input to the transducer terminals
Maximum Loop Resistance (Supply Voltage – 8) x 50ohms
Ratiometric Output 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc @ 4 mA (Source and sink 2 mA)
Supply Voltage 5 Vdc ±10% @ 4.5 mA



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